Matt Gunther

Probable Cause

This is a story of an ongoing journey, visiting intimately an underground world where the lines between the police and the people they are en forcing are blurred into one.

During a ten year investigation embedded into the police force of Newark , New Jersey, Artist Matt Gunther gained access to a system where the means of enforcement are as archaic as the very nature that simply enforcing will solve the problems.

If you believe in karma, or are willing to entertain it as a metaphor, you might think of the collective of humanity and the human microcosm of police officers, suspects, and victims so vividly shown in Probable Cause in the way that the Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg describes it: In this inconceivably immense reality, we have all wandered forever… Through this timelessness we have all done everything, every one of us: we have loved, hated, feared, killed, raped, stolen, given, served, loved…. We are all one anothers parents, children, friends, lovers, and enemies, over and over again.

Matt used a deardorff and Linhof camera in his process.

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